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State Key Statues

Key State Laws

Arizona Key Statutory References 

Track pending legislation in the Arizona State Legislature regarding domestic violence and sexual assault.

  • Go to http://www.azleg.gov/
  • o On the menu drop down, go to “Bills” and click on” Bill Info”
  • o On House & Senate bills search page, type in - domestic violence or sexual assault

Domestic Violence defined in Arizona Civil Laws Rev. Stat. § 36-3001  

‘’Domestic violence’’ means attempting to cause or causing bodily injury to a family or household member or placing a family or household member by threat of force in fear of imminent physical harm.

"Family or household member" means a spouse, a former spouse, a parent, a child or other adult person related by consanguinity or affinity who is residing or has resided or has a child or children in common with the person committing the domestic violence and dependents of such persons.

Criminal Offenses that fall under Arizona’s domestic violence statute:

· 13-1303 False imprisonment

· 13-1304 Kidnapping

  • 13-2810 Order of protection violations
  • 13-2810 Restraining order violations
  • 13-2923 Stalking
  • 13-3019 Surreptitious photographing
  • 13-1202 Threatening and intimidation
  • 13-1502 Trespass in third degree
  • 13-1503 Trespass in second degree
  • 13-1504 Trespass in first degree
  • 13-3601 Domestic violence; definition; Includes Kaity’s Law
  • 13-3601.01 Domestic violence; treatment; definition
  • 13-3601.02 Aggravated domestic violence; classification; definition
  • 13-3602 Order of protection; procedure; contents; arrest for violation; penalty; protection order from another jurisdiction
  • 13-3624 Emergency orders of protection

 Sexual Assault defined in Criminal Laws § 13-1406. Sexual assault; classification

A person commits sexual assault by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with any person without consent of such person.

Criminal Offenses that fall under Arizona’s domestic violence statute

  • 13-1401 Definitions
  • 13-1402 Indecent exposure; exception; classification
  • 13-1403 Public sexual indecency; public sexual indecency to a minor; classifications
  • 13-1404 Sexual abuse; classifications
  • 13-1405 Sexual conduct with a minor; classifications
  • 13-1406 Sexual assault; classification; increased punishment
  • 13-1407 Defenses
  • 13-1408 Adultery; classification; punishment; limitation on prosecution
  • 13-1410 Molestation of child; classification
    13-1411 Bestiality; classification; definition
  • 13-1413 Capacity of minor sexual assault victim to consent to medical examination
  • 13-1414 Expenses of investigation
  • 13-1415 Human immunodeficiency virus and sexually transmitted disease testing; victim's rights; petition; definitions
  • 13-1416 Admissibility of minor's statement; notice
  • 13-1417 Continuous sexual abuse of a child; classification
  • 13-1418 Sexual misconduct; behavioral health professionals; classification
  • 13-1419 Unlawful sexual conduct; correctional employees; persons in custody; classification
  • 13-1420 Sexual offense; evidence of similar crimes; definition
  • 13-1421 Evidence relating to victim's chastity; pretrial hearing
  • 13-1422 Adult oriented businesses; location; hours of operation; injunction; classification; definitions
  • 13-1423 Violent sexual assault; natural life sentence
  • 13-1424 Voyeurism; classification

Offenses Against Public Order

  • 13-2921 Harassment; classification; definition
  • 13-2923 Stalking; classification; definitions