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Correct and incorrect polls influence politicians. 

Prevention and help for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence issues were for the most part ignored during the recent election because establishment pollsters were out of touch with reality.  As the saying goes, “God created pollsters to make astrologers look accurate.”

Republicans, Democrats and independents largely agreed that equal pay for women is important.  They parted company on abortion and birth control.  But, all else was dismissed because the polls taken did not show rape and domestic violence to be paramount in the minds of voters.  That is the comment I got consistently from congressmen, state legislators and law enforcement.  None were willing to conduct an independent poll to factor in these issues, so they too remained out of touch with reality.

The reality is that more than 60 million children, 17.7 million women and 2.78 million men in America have been victims of attempted or completed rape.  This adds up to more than 80 million victims out of our population of about 315 million, or 1 out of every 4 of our family, friends and neighbors who suffer from this epidemic.  

The bottom line is would your vote have been influenced by candidates of either party, or independents, had an interest been expressed addressing issues dealing with child cruelty, sexual assault, domestic violence and sex trafficking?

Would you be inclined to vote for a candidate concerned about rape and domestic violence issues?



How would you rate the importance of these issues with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest?                       



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