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Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Human Trafficking, Teen and Dating violence and Domestic Violence Related Murder, Suicide, Bullying and Animal Cruelty!
A Clearinghouse of Information for Prevention and for Victims
We are a 501(c)3 corporation.

About Us


Ann and I are grateful to Cheryl Kerivan, Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach Ministry of St. Patrick Catholic Community for countless hours of research and invaluable effort; to Father Eric Tellez, Pastor extraordinaire; and Mary Permoda, Director of Pastoral Activities who was so willing to give of her time to help others.

Iulia Taranu and Kristin Epperson, both majoring in criminology and criminal justice at Arizona State University, volunteered untold hours providing research on violence aganist men, teen violence, bullying, adoption resources and animal cruelty. Both serve on the Arizona Attorney General's Anti-Violence Commission and intern for the U.S Anti-Violence commission. They are in a Criminal Justice Honors Society called Alpha Phi Sigma and also in the Golden Key International Honour Society


We are also grateful to thousands of law enforcement, prosecutors and other professionals and volunteers that labor to make the world a safer place; and made Justice Depot possible by their years of work on solutions to domestic violence and sexual assault.

For our family, this is a culmination of nearly 25 years of working to help those who have suffered. Our mission is to create America's Largest Warehouse of Resources on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Information for Prevention and for Victims. 

In 2001, after the murder of the 16-year-old daughter of a friend, we
http://www.usrecords.us/, a criminal records search firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals protect themselves from violent criminals. The majority of the information on that site is free; and we link to INTERPOL, the world's largest international police organization with188 member countries.

Ernest Garfield




Ernest Garfield, founder and chairman of Justice Depot, Inc., was founder and chaired the Arizona Governor’s Commission on Rape Prevention, and served on the Governor’s Commission for the Prevention of Family Violence, the Governor’s Commission on Violence Against Women, and the Governor’s Sexual Assault Task Force. He is a driving force in support of solving these issues. He is also a member of several other anti-violence organizations including a founding member of the Men’s Anti-Violence Network.


Ernie organized the drive to found Pima Community College and has served on the board of the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council and on the Foundation of the East Valley Institute of Technology.

Ernie brings a strong background in marketing, finance, management, and government, as well as technical expertise. Since leaving public office in 1979, he has been involved in forming community banks, real estate development, publishing and civic affairs.


Interstate Bank Developers, Inc. - Chair

Independent Bank Developers, Inc. - Chair

Arizona Financial Institutions Task Force - Chair

Financial Services Advisory Council - Chair


As an Arizona State Senator, Ernie served as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. He was also a member of the Appropriations, Judiciary, and Commerce and Industry committees.


As State Treasurer of Arizona he helped reform the state's investment laws. His efforts made it possible for the state to earn more interest income during his tenure than had been earned by all previous state treasurers combined.


As Arizona Corporation Commissioner during the Middle East oil crisis, he twice chaired the White House Conference on Energy and was one of the three Commissioners who authorized the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - University of Arizona;

Bachelor of International Management - Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Master of International Management - Thunderbird School of Global Management.

One of 1,070 soldiers inducted into the U. S. Army Field Artillery Hall of Fame.